Say Hello to Your Live Business Virtual Assistant™️

We provide small businesses with Business Virtual Assistants (BVAs) to improve workflow, save time, and make more money by removing the burden of administrative and other back-office tasks.


Business Professionals

Our Business Virtual Assistants are professionally trained and based in the Philippines. Our clients work with the same virtual assistant everyday to ensure consistency.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Our pricing is the lowest in the industry at $8 per hour with no contracts, no minimums, and no setup fees. Our service is about half the cost of an in-office employee.

Use Your Own Software

Your Business Virtual Assistant can be trained in your own software/platforms and can be trained to your workflow.

Highly Vetted

All Business Virtual Assistants require background checks, hardware/internet requirements, verified work experience, and foundational training.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Our Business Virtual Assistants can help with administrative, back-office tasks in your office. We have clients that use their Business Virtual Assistants with social media, email management, data entry, research, scheduling/planning, personal tasks, and much more. It’s just like having an in-office worker, except you are just virtually connecting with them.

Virtual Business Receptionist

Our Business Virtual Assistants can be connected to your current phone system and are able to make/receive calls just like they are sitting in your office. They can qualify leads, schedule customers, confirm appointments, call other companies + more.

Virtual Sales Assistant

Need help pre-qualifying leads or making sales calls? Our Business Virtual Assistants can help with your sales funnel and qualify/input new leads, do follow-ups, sales calls, manage your CRM, and much more.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

Our Business Virtual Assistants can be the marketing help you need in your business. They can help with social media, online ads, content creation, email marketing campaigns, live chat operator, and much more.

Multimedia Virtual Assistant™️

Our specialty Multimedia Virtual Assistants™️ (MVAs) have a wide array of experience in video editing, videography, animation, graphic design, photo editing, web design, audio design/production, music production, voice talent, and more.

Custom Office Needs

If you have a task that’s not mentioned, your Business Virtual Assistant can typically be trained to complete it.

Business Virtual Assistants

Guilt Free Outsourcing

Guilt-Free Outsourcing


100% of our Business Virtual Assistant™️ workforce is based in the Philippines–a beautiful
country known for a friendly, hard-working labor force.

By hiring through Pineapple Staffing, you are providing steady work
and a higher standard of living to Filipino families.

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